"Price is what you pay.  Value is what you get."  - Warren Buffet

That’s why at One Research, experienced senior consultants lead and are intimately involved with every project.  Our goal is to ensure each client's investment is optimized and expectations are fully met.  That's also why 70% of our growth is from repeat business. 

Meet a few of our experts...

Paul Nisbet, PhD, President and Founder      

Dr. Nisbet has over 15 years’ experience in the health care market research industry.  Prior to founding One Research, he  was with Double Helix and Harris Interactive where as a senior team leader he was responsible for all aspects of business development and project execution; designing effective research, analyzing and interpreting data, and providing strategic direction for the implementation of results.  

Paul oversees global and domestic strategic research for pharmaceutical and medical device companies.  He has broad experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research internationally and across health care populations, with particular expertise in product development, segmentation, brand equity, and awareness, trial and usage (adoption) studies, as well as patient reported outcomes (PRO) and health economics (HEOR) research.  Paul has received multiple awards for customer satisfaction.  Much of his recent work has been in neuroscience, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, wound care, and conditions specific to men’s health.

After earning his doctorate in sociology at University of South Carolina, Paul was subsequently awarded a National Research Service Award fellowship which he conducted in geriatrics and neuropsychiatry at University of Rochester School of Medicine in New York. 

Dr. Nisbet is a member of ISPOR, has taught research methods at the university level, presented research findings at international conferences and examples of his work have been published in American Journal of Psychiatry, Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, Journal of Medical Ethics, and other peer-reviewed medical journals.
Read about Paul's publications here
Mariko C. Denton, Project Director

Mariko brings a solid history of project management and 10+ years of operational expertise sharpened across a broad range of research engagements and designs.  Her specific areas of quantitative expertise include brand equity, customer satisfaction and loyalty, concept testing, pricing, awareness and usage (A&U) studies and custom, fully-interactive web reporting tools. Her qualitative experience includes online bulletin boards, in-person focus groups, and telephone IDIs regarding medical devices, product usability/colors/naming research, and HCP/patient interactions. Areas of therapeutic experience include reproductive and sexual health (erectile dysfunction, hypogonadism (Low T), human papillomavirus (HPV), and intrauterine devices), eye care (age-related macular degeneration), acute coronary syndrome (ACS), and wound care.


Mariko has spent years leading large-scale global and domestic tracking engagements and providing consultative input on all study design aspects. She is engaged in day-to-day operational tasks such as preparing a questionnaire for fielding, overseeing recruitment and long-term field management, as well as quality control of data deliverables.


Mariko holds a B.A. in Psychology from Colgate University.

Steven Struhl, PhD, Advanced Analytics

Dr. Struhl has more than 25 years’ experience in consulting and research, specializing in providing useful solutions based on the mathematical modeling of decision-making and behavior.  His work addresses both predicting buying decisions and understanding consumer groups and their motivations.  

Steven’s experience includes serving 15 years as Senior Vice President, Senior Methodologist at Total Research (later Harris Interactive), where he focused on strategy and analytics for pricing, product and service optimization, decision making and customer loyalty.   He also served as head of analytics for the life sciences/pharmaceutical group there for many years.   Earlier experience includes working as Director of Market Research at SPSS, Inc., where he guided development of new statistical software, and senior positions in financial services and communications.

When study needs warrant, Steven is a lead statistical consultant to One Research and supports analytic design and execution.

Michael Calloway, PhD, HEOR Advisor and Board Member


Dr. Calloway has over 20 years of experience in health care research both in the academic and for profit environments.  Prior to joining One Research in 2013, he was with GlaxoSmithKline for 11 years where as a member of their Health Outcomes Research Group was responsible for the design and execution of all aspects of quantitative and qualitative research supporting products for the US market.  The products supported spanned multiple disease areas including neurology, gastroenterology, metabolic and infectious diseases.  While at GSK, he gained and applied solid experience while developing and completing health outcomes, comparative effectiveness, and cost of care research projects.  In addition to research design and implementation, he was critically involved in marketing and payer strategies across the medicine life cycle, generating value propositions, reimbursement objectives, field and customer facing materials. 

Prior to GSK, Dr. Calloway was the Associate Director for Mental Health Services Research at the Cecil G Sheps Center for Health Services Research, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  In that role he helped establish, as a principal or co-principal investigator of governmental and private grant support, a research center focused on evaluations of community-based interventions to deliver health care and support services to persons with mental health, substance abuse issues, as well as being homeless. He has a passion for the intricacies of research design, analyzing and interpreting data, and providing strategic direction for the implementation of results. He also has extensive experience in the measurement of health outcomes particularly in developing, and validating patient-reported health outcomes (PRO).  Much of his recent work has been in neuroscience, diabetes, HIV and urology.

Michael earned his doctorate in sociology at North Carolina State University and a Master’s of Sociology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Dr. Calloway has taught research methods at the university level, presented research findings at international conferences and has an extensive publication record spanning 20 years.  His work has appeared in many peer-reviewed medical journals.  In addition to research, Michael volunteers with local homeless agencies enjoys reading in areas of astronomy, the history of mathematics, and devoted to fathering his three children.  

Ami Nienus, Qualitative Research

Ami is an experienced market research consultant with over nine years of healthcare moderating experience.  She is well versed in traditional qualitative research, both face-to-face and telephone, as well as in online methodologies.  In addition, Ami has experience with quantitative market research techniques.  Her quantitative experience has added to her ability to make strategic recommendations based on her qualitative findings. 

Ami graduated with a BA in Psychology from the University of Illinois Urbana, an MS in Psychology from Illinois State University, and an MBA from the Simon Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Rochester.   Prior to obtaining her MBA, Ami worked as a counselor and as a therapist.  She also conducted social research.  After receiving her MBA, Ami worked for major market research firms, such as Harris Interactive and Synovate and is founder of Strategic Market Research Group, a qualitative market research firm.  www.smrginc.com