Continuity through the most fundamentally simple designs to the most complex

As a product market evolves over time, the change in size and needs of the customer, the diversity and number of product offerings and the number of competitors is continuous.  Products need to adapt as markets change. And adaptation can include identifying new products, new channels, new business models, and new production methods.


Successive changes are based on previous forms, from simple to complex, towards increasing diversity, and towards increasing efficiency.  One constraint on change is that different adaptations can conflict, which requires a compromise between them to ensure an optimal cost-benefit tradeoff.  Adaptation works within constraints, makes compromises and tradeoffs, and occurs in the context of different forms of competition.


At One Research, we understand the diverse needs in a product’s life cycle, from examination of and introduction to the market, through growth and maturity, where brand preference is built and market share is defended, to the declining phase where rejuvenation and finding new indications and uses can extend a product’s life. 


Through customized designs we deliver the intelligence to meet those needs, evolve products, and improve health care.